Emma Smith

Marketing & Sales

Emma’s career has been dedicated to using frontier technologies to tackle complex social and environmental problems. Emma has been honored as a Forbes 30 Under 30 (Europe - Technology 2019), Fellow of the RSA, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center Milestone Maker. Working with the public and private sector, she has led and participated in projects on diverse topics such as refugees and forced migration, global health, and financial inclusion. She has worked at Bridgewater Associates, consulted for the UN-OCHA, and been on the founding team of multiple startups, including Botamy and Microfinance des Jeunes de Farende. Her academic research on the topic of microcredit for youth in Togo and adherence to clinical practice guidelines in Kenya has been published by Oxford Press, Duke University Press. She graduated with a BA with Distinction from Duke University and a MSc. from the London School of Economics. 

 Current role:


Co-Founder and COO

$6.4 million transacted with PoC. 30K downloads since Android app launch in March 2019. Manage team of 14 in product, KYC/AML, customer service. Opened offices across Berlin, Paris, New Delhi, and Kampala.

Leader in Europe’s fintech space. Invited to speak at 15+ conferences in 2019, including the CEO Summit for SAP, Israel Forbes Women’s Summit, Paris Fintech Forum, MoneyLive. 

Experience in: Fundraising, Pitching, Growth, Operations, Fintech, Go to Market, Partnerships, Social enterprise, Global expansion

Over the last eight years, I’ve had a diverse set of professional experiences. I’ve worked in 10+ countries, across North America, Europe, and Africa. I’ve led expeditions for National Geographic, started companies, worked at global organizations. In doing so, I’ve come to love the adventure of creating my own path. I’ve learned that there is nothing we cannot learn or do, given the right amount of determination and will. I am so excited to be in Serbia to learn from and share my experiences with the visionary startups in the region. The geography, history, and economy of the region is rich and dynamic. There are so many bright minds here that can make a significant local and global impact, and I’m keen to help them  as they journey toward that. On a personal level, I’m an avid musician, adventurer (hiking, climbing, surfing, sailing - if there’s risk involved, I’m there), writer, and photographer.