Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuño

Value Proposition & MVP

Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño. Coming to the startup world from science and with mix of innovation for development. 

  • Astrophysics and rocket scientist by training: not afraid of getting deep into coding and complex problems. 
  • Worked with the president of the World Bank on Innovation from developing countries.
  • I was a very early employee (and Chief Scientist) at Mapbox when we grew from 10 to 100 employees.
  • VP Social Impact at Satellogic, which builds and operates space satellites from Argentina.
  • I do consulting on "Impact Science”, merging data science and social impact ( ). Has led me to work in Bhutan, UAE, London, South Africa, Kenya, …


More of my Bruno's CV at


Extensive experience in:

  • Product mindset on data Analysis, deep tech, and solving hard problems on calibration, remote sensing, integration testing, …
  • Building open-source based businesses. Breaking the assumption that open data or open source are incompatible with for profit business.
  • Doing social impact as part of business development. How to responding to humanitarian emergencies like the Ebola outbreak, supporting refugees, without too costly “distraction” from corporate KPIs.
  • Finding innovative growth/branding/revenue sources. Going beyond direct pricing.
  • Bootstrapped innovation.
  • Managing scientists. 
  • Data product MVP, prototyping.
  • Developer programs (growing the market vs growing marketshare).
  • Flipped learning, circular learning, … how to create collaborative learning.