Currently, we won't be receiving applications for the Accelerator program since the program for this year has already started, and it's in progress. Applications for the new program will be open in 2021.

The BioSense AgTech FoodTech Accelerator will select only 10 companies (startups) for business acceleration. This means a memorable, white glove experience. We focus all of our time, energy and network on you.

Not from Novi Sad or Belgrade, no worries! This year BioSense Accelerator opens its doors for regional applicants!

This year BioSense Accelerator is joining the regional Tech Boost Program. This means that in addition to the local mentors and experts, selected startups will have access to SWG content, international mentors and hands on advice. Successful teams will get the chance to pitch at a regional event in front of an international audience.


Application deadline: September 21th 2020

Team selection and results: End of September

Programme start date: October 5th 2020

Programme duration: 8 weeks


EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy

The EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy, an initiative of the EFSE Development Facility, encompasses a range of programs to support local business development throughout the EFSE target region. By working together with on-the-ground organizations that drive incubation and acceleration projects, the Entrepreneurship Academy provides entrepreneurs with guidance, resources, mentoring, networking opportunities, the chance to receive financial backing, and other means necessary to turn good ideas into successful enterprises. In this way, the Entrepreneurship Academy and its partners help create an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive – driving the spirit of EFSE as “The Entrepreneurship Fund”. More information:


Startup Wise Guys is Europe's leading B2B startup accelerator, present in all three Baltic states with participants from around the world, also voted VC fund of the year 2019 in CEE. SWG displays a 77% survival rate, and is one of the most active early stage investors in Nordics & CEE with more than 145 portfolio companies. More information:

  • This year we are adapting the program to enable online remote participation depending on the needs of applicants and program structure. We will do our best to find ways for all selected participants to have an inspiring and educational experience during the program.

  • How will the program take place if the covid-19 pandemic continues?

    Our primary focus during the pandemic has been safety and health of all BioSense employees. As the situation regarding autumn events and gatherings is still not clear, BioSense team is working on the program both in an online and offline version. Depending on the situation all selected teams will be informed about the practicalities.

  • What are the DEAL TERMS & PERKS?

    With the assistance of top-notch local and international mentors and trainers, the startups will test their models to achieve traction within 3 months of intensive acceleration program. With years of experience in the sector, BioSense equips early stage Ag + FoodTech with the necessary tools and resources for success. The workshops will be conducted in English.

    What we offer:

    • International expert support,
    • International and local mentors,
    • Access to research labs and scientific know-how (e.g. testing grounds/ demo farms, nanomaterials, low-cost miniature sensors, satellite imaging, robotics, big data analytics and research)*

    *Subject to availability throughout the duration of the program

  • What happens during the ACCELERATION PROGRAM?

    Upskill yourself and excel in the Agrifood sector!

    Our syllabus covers all aspects of technology from beginning to end providing you with the foundation for success in the Agrifood sector.

    We will focus on techniques and skills related to:

    • CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT, which plays a crucial role in the startup setup and an essential skills to obtain when entering today’s hectic markets. The startups will be prepared for the next phase of the acceleration program by testing their initial hypothesis about their businesses/ideas and realizing the direction they want to take. The main outcome will be a clear problem-solution fit. The teams will discover who are the customers, what they want, what channels to use to reach them, how to get/keep/grow customers, strategic activities needed to deliver the product, internal resources needed, partners needed and costs. This will set the strong foundations for the startups at the very beginning of the program.
    • VALUE PROPOSITION AND MVP/PROTOTYPING, the startups will develop their own models based on the support they receive in this module, which will set the route for their further development. This module will help the startups understand better what is the product or service they are providing. Through this process they will learn what value does the product or service provide and how is it different from their competitors. These benefits will help the business grow and succeed in the market.
    • MARKETING AND SALES, Ultimate outcome of the third model, as well as the full Biosense acceleration program, will be the proof of product/market fit for the attending startups. They will reach their first customers through different marketing channels and make their first sales. Hopefully this will lead some of them to achieving an early traction for their products/businesses.
  • Who can apply for the BIOSENSE AGTECH ACCELERATOR?
    • A formed startup team.
    • With a clear business idea which is either: a disruptive solution applicable in agriculture, improvement of existing solutions, or the digitalization of previously analogue solutions.
    • And a prepared pitch-deck (maximum 10 pages/slides)

    After you apply, BioSense team will screen your applications and decide who will be invited for the initial interviews.Selected teams will be the part of the second BioSense accelerator batch of startups.

    The selection procedure will take into account the relevance of the business idea on both global and local markets. In case of strong competition, maturity of the startup will be an important deciding factor and more mature startups will be given advantage. It is expected that startups will participate actively in the program, so the startups which can’t commit their time will be excluded. Also, broader compatibility with BioSense strategic research agenda will be considered when assessing the startups.


    Even after the acceleration programme finished, we will continue to give advice and make introductions as long we can provide relevant support. Also, the connections with our mentors and fellow startups remain and in the future you will become a member of the BioSense alumni group which will provide further support to its members.

BioSense Accelerator

is currently running 2020 program and the applications are now closed. Stay tuned for the next open call in 2021!

For more information contact us! We will be happy to help!